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Since 1913, Hedstrom has focused on products that kids want, need, and enjoy that can improve their lives. Whether they are providing products to motivate children to become more physically fit, get outdoor, unplug or relate as a team, Hedstrom delivers products designed to build skills. By offering kids a classic collection of quality balls, sports products or baby products geared to helping infants reach developmental milestones, Hedstrom has kids’ health, fitness and future in mind.

Hedstrom’s latest initiative offers a premier line of products as a platform to encourage sensory play and exploration for infants and young children called, “Hedstrom Specialty.” Research continues to reveal that brains significantly develop during early childhood and a healthy diet of sensory play experiences fuels cognitive growth.

What is sensory play? The simple answer is a play experience that is enriched with opportunities for a child to see, smell, touch, hear and taste. These occasions allow kids to explore and engage with elements in their environment—and toys are the perfect tools for that. Little learners are inherently interested in toys and play; and if the toy has overlaying sensory elements (such as combining lights and sound) the impact is deepened for the child and the lessons are locked in.

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