Sensory Shapes

Vibrant colors and the knobby surfaces of Sensory Shapes capture infant's interest and hearts.  Hedstrom's line of sensory toys offer different shapes, sizes and textures to stimulate the senses.  Children who play with these toys will enjoy the bumpy sensation as they squeeze the pliable material in their hands.  Helping to refine fine motor skills, Sensory Shapes also offer massage stimulation for little ones!



  • Sensory Shapes
  • Sensory Shapes

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  1. Arts & Crafts. Use the sensory shapes to paint and create with washable paints.
  2. Water Play. Add another sensory element to bath time or the backyard kiddie pool by adding the sensory shapes.
  3. Hide N Seek. Hide the sensory shapes around the house or yard and try to find them.
  4. Locational. Hide the shapes around the house and give directions like, “under” the blanket, “next to” the bathroom, “left of the refrigerator."
  5. Build & Stack. Try to build the tallest tower using the shapes without it toppling down.
  6. I Spy. Scatter the shapes around the floor and play "I Spy" by describing the color and shape.
  7. Memory. Scatter blocks around the floor. Remove one from the floor and guess which shape is missing.
  8. Sensory Bin. Place the blocks in a plastic container with dried beans, rice or sand to find the pieces.

Available in 3 and 6 pack varieties!

Our growing line of Sensory products keep young and old alike entertained, they will keep hands and fingers moving in a non-distracting manner.  These Sensory products relieve stress and increase focus at home or in the classroom.  Fidget toys, as they are often called can sooth any age and increase focus due to their calming nature.

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